Farmer's Marketing: October 13, 2007

Marketing in mid-October is bittersweet. There are so many good things, but only for a short time longer.  Like the new Bread and Flowers stall which only started coming to market in July.  It's all organic, with stellar herb and cheese bread and kinda healthy cookies.  And their idea for having a bread CSA - pay one price for a 5-10 week commitment and get your bread at a reduced rate - is fantastic! But they are soon going to be taking their ideas for incubating sustainable businesses and communities to Portland.  And they are looking for new people to take over Bread and Flowers. So, email  or phone 503-886-9108 if you think you'd like to bake some bread. 

The other bitter news of the week was that it was the last week to get our Tantré farm share for the year.  You can see what a beautiful box of produce it was and why I'm going to miss it so much.  The broccoli, radishes, lettuce, potatoes, brussel sprouts, fresh pinto beans, kabocha and delicata squashes, herbs, green beans, those incredible white hakurei turnips and other assorted greens, among other things we won't be seeing in our box until next June.    

The exciting news was that a couple of days after getting the last farm share box, I got an email from someone I talked to earlier this summer who had a fresh (heritage) Buckeye chicken for me. The only string attached with the chicken was that I had to pick it up as soon as possible and I had to give a review on the taste once I cooked it.  

The dinner that I made was simple but quite wonderful, if I say so myself. Except for the chicken, almost everything was from Tantré.  French breakfast radishes and those hakurei turnips for the amuse bouche. Roasted squashes with brown sugar and butter, a ragout of brussels sprouts, fresh pinto and green beans with parmesan cheese.  The incredible chicken I roasted with garlic, herbs and lemon inside and baby carrots and red onions in the pan.  

The chicken breast was fantastically juicy and flavorful, the legs and thighs gamy and on the tough side. Too much exercise escaping the coyotes?  Mary at Everyday Wines had suggested a couple of wines to go with roasted chicken.  Since it was warm out that evening, I chose the tart (my opinion) and strawberry scented (they say) Brumont Rosé, which was excellent. Dessert was a pear torte with the fabulous Spartlett pears from Wasem Fruit Farm. I'm trying to figure out how they make the Tuscan Torte with pernod cream at the Earle. Help if you have the recipe! I'm crazy about that dessert.  And B. made the famous espresso of course. 

Margaret joined the tasting panel and had the best comments of the evening for the chicken. "The texture of this bird is gorgeous, sexy even."  I would never think to say that.  

The lesson of the bittersweet week, start on bitter end on sweet. Sweet dinners with family and sweet friends who say funny things last all year. 

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