Farmer's Marketer Outing: Mighty Good Open House

If you love good coffee you should know about Mighty Good Coffee. When B. found out that one of the main points in making good espresso is how recently the beans have been roasted,  a quest to seek out the freshest coffee ensued. This has to be it. You order online. They roast on Monday and Thursday and deliver on Tuesday and Friday. To your doorstep in Ann Arbor for free or FedEx for non-AA peoples.  For addicts people who want the freshest beans, it's nirvana.

We were lucky enough to go to their Mighty Good Open House last week, just briefly, and got to see the cool barn where they do their high-tech roasting. There were demonstrations of how they roast and package all their great coffees.  There was a little jazz band outside along with tastes of different coffees and some yummy rugelach made by a local rugelach guy. Coffee is good with rugelach. Especially the apricot rugelach. 

We've been getting the Aceh Gold Sumatra. One of the nicest things B. does is make us perfect cappuccinos every morning with great coffee. Either for here or to go. Depending on the day. The description of  Aceh Gold says:

"This Sumatran coffee from the Lake Toba region is flavor and aroma rich, with the mouth-feel of a great brandy. The Aceh Gold is a full-bodied, rich, inky cup of coffee with a dark sweetness. Notes of chocolate with a smoky finish that suggests Brazil nuts. Aceh is a perfect accompaniment to a dense chocolate torte, a full English Breakfast or a fine cigar."

Mighty Good also has organic and fair trade coffees.  Their website lists these places below to buy the beans and taste the coffee. You would be well advised to get it delivered fresh to your door.  And see if you can convince B. come over and give you a lesson in the proper preparation. We all bow down to his surpassing espresso ju-ju. 

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